My Mission

Many people have voiced what I am going to talk about. I differ slightly in that I am going to attempt a blueprint for those of you who wish to accelerate your background studies of our planetary processes and possible demise.

I will start with a list of authors, academics and journalists who have written books that I do believe are groundbreaking insights.
 I know, in advance that there are many many more that could be added to this list and I welcome your recommendations by naming those you feel equally inspired by. 

The list will comprise of book titles and their authors. At least many are enjoyable examples for those of us who care and at best those who’s insights could possibly assist in the struggles ahead. 
My main contribution will be to approximately define the books into three categories.. 

  • 1) exposure
  • 2) explanations
  • 3) solutions

This will prove slightly difficult because of overlaps. (For those of you who have access to TheBrain app, I will be creating a future map….but not just yet. I will let you know when this happens! ) As I predict, there will be many exciting new books and articles to be discovered.

 I invite any authors with books they wish to be added to the listing to please contact me on a dedicated email site: 

[email protected]



Want to know more?

Do you have a question or are you keen to find out more about working with me? I'd love to hear from you and I'll always be happy to help.


Want to find out more about working with me? You'll find lots of information here on my website, but I also understand that, sometimes, it can be more beneficial to talk through the details. So whether you're ready to discuss our next collaboration or just need some guidance and advice, there are lots of ways to connect with me. Whatever I can help you with, please get in touch and I'll be happy to help. I'm always keen to hear about new projects and collaborations!